Bumper Repair PRICES

BMW 3 series rear arch dent and bumper scuff £345-£395.  The price here reflects the amount of work and time that is involved.  This type of repair takes around 4 hours to do.  The wheel arch has to be pinned and then pulled out as there is a dent there.  This rear arch is double skinned so there is no access behind the dent to push it out thats why it needs pinning with a special spot weld pin gun.  The pins are then removed from the skin and then grinded down.  The area is filled and painted.  Then dried and polished up to give a pefect finish.

Please don’t hesitate to send photos of your damage to us to get an instant Quick Quote!

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The red Fiesta £140-£165. This Bumper scuff is fairly straightforward to do, the light reflector had broken which we do not repair or replace.  The car scratch process involves rubbing down the area affected then filling any scratches that have gone too deep.  The car paint repair then involves mixing up the paint from the paint code related to your car.  The area is painted, lacquered and then dried.  The bumper repair is then finished with a flat and machine polish.

Please don’t hesitate to send photos of your damage to us to get an instant Quick Quote!

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About bumper repair pricing

Bumper repair prices are determined on the size of the damaged area, how many different panels are affected and the colour of the vehicle as some colours require more time to match and blend.  For example a 3 stage pearl colour will be much more expensive than a flat colour car scratch repair.  Unfortunately travelling time and costs influence the overall estimate of the car paint repair which are the same cost variables involved with our sister sites fixadent and fixarim.  The amount of work involved will also make the car scratch repair quote higher or lower too.  If you have a deep car scratch on your bumper repair it will cost slightly more.  This is beacuse the deep bumper scratch will need filling as its too deep to just rub down and carry out a car basic car bumper repair.

The area is then filled to get the shape back perfectly, the filler is then rubbed down.

The area is primed, painted and the lacquered.  Then its dried using heat lamps, flatted (if needed) and polished.

Fixascratch will always aim to offer the lowest prices available for your car scratch repair or car paint repair- but based on the level of expertise of our paint technician.  The talent and over 20 years experience will make all the difference to the overall finish compared to some other bumper repairer services.  Your repeat business and personal recommendations are the structure of the business.  But there are many mobile car paint repair and mobile car scratch repair companies out there that will just offer you the lowest price.  Please be wary of this type of bumper repair, bumper scuff and car scratch repair as being a cheap quote won’t always give you the best results.

Bumper repair prices are impossible to give out precisely without seeing pictures. In order to help you have an idea and because we like to be transparent here are a few pointers.

A standard bumper repair approx 6 inches to 12 inches on a standard colour whether its pearlescent or two tone is around £135-£175.  Three or Four stage colours cost more because of the extra time it takes to carry out these car paint repairs and also the extra cost in materials with regards to the unusual colour paint.  The type of lacquer can make a huge difference too.  For example a Range Rover will have ceramic lacquer which is much more expensive to buy.

A standard bumper balloon dent in a bumper around the size of a ball / medium sized balloon is around £200-£230.  This is where the bumper is hit causing a large dent in the bumper.  Plastic doesn’t have a memory so paintless dent removal will not work.  The bumper repair will need heating up, pushing out from behind and then filling and painting.

A car scratch repair in the middle of a door around 6-10 inches long is around £160-£220.  This depends on the depth of the car scratch and whether it needs filling before painting.  The colour of the car makes a difference too as explained above.

A split or cracked bumper is around £245-£300 depending on severity.  Some bumper cracks can be filled if they are small enough or not too deep.  Other cracks will need a process called plastic welding.  This is like it sounds…the crack is welded back together again.  It is then filled, rubbed down, re shaped, primed, painted, lacquered, flatted (if needed) and then machine polished.

Extra adjacent panels are extra money.  Although they are next to the car scratch repair we are curently doing they still involve the car paint repair process.  This is the same as the above types of car paint repair and bumper repair.

I have 2 bumper repairs on the same bumper?

If there are two bumper scuffs on the same bumper but opposite ends -this will cost more but not double the cost of just one.  We have already travelled out to you so there are no extra travel costs.  The paint is already being mixed up and we will always offer an extra discount for additional work.