Minor car scratch repair

Minor car scratch repairs are classed as one to three scratches in a single small area for example- a trolley hitting a small part of a door or a bike handle hitting a panel. The charge for this can vary from £120-£160. This variant of cost is because of factors such as the colour of the paint and whether the area needs to blended into panels next to it.

Bumper scuff | bumper scratch repair

A Bumper scuff repair can vary quite significantly, some are on the edge of the bumper around the side of the car and some are on the corner itself which means that when the bumper scuff repair is done it may or may not need a lot of ‘blending’. Blending costs money that’s the easy way to remember it! A standard corner scuff on the side of the bumper near the rear of the wheel may cost £130-£150 but the corner which may need blending around one side towards the wheel and then around the other side of the corner towards the middle will probably cost £150-£200.

Bumper scratch/dent repair

A bumper scratch/dent repair or ‘baloon dent’ is quite common on a modern car of the last 5-7years. Corners tend to get pushed in on impact. Paintless dent repair cannot repair dents in bumpers. Plastic has no memory and cannot be folded back out perfectly without some filling and painting. A bumper scratch/dent repair can be done by a mobile paint repair process.  A Bumper scratch repair can only be repaired by re-painting the bumper scratch.  There are no magic fixes, or magic bumper scratch repair pens.

Key car scratch repair

Historically a key car scratch repair used to be the most common type of car paint damage. Around 10 years ago this started to change as more and more cars started populating the small roads and bumper scuffs and other types of car paint damage started taking over. Key scratch repairs are one of the easiest repairs to do but….due to their position on the panel they may need blending into other panels so the cost can vary. In the middle of a plain colour door such as black or red it can be £120-£150 but on the edge of a panel (next to another panel) it will need blending so it can go up to £200.

Fixarim – alloy wheel repair and change of colour

Alloy wheel repair is split into two sections. Plain colour alloys-whether they are all silver, grey or black they can be repaired easily. They have to be one colour. If they are then a set of 4 can cost as little as £200 +vat !!! If they are dual coloured -for example grey and black or great and silver then they can be repaired for as little as £225+vat per set of 4 !!! The prices change when you start looking at diamond cut alloys. These can only be repaired perfectly all the way around by putting them on a cutting machine or lathe. We do not do that but…..we can repair small areas that have been Kerbed even if they are diamond cut. If they are eaten up they won’t be repaired.

Sending pictures by any of the methods at the bottom of every page.  We will tell you within a few hours what finish you will get. DIAMOND CUT ALLOYS ARE A PROBLEM.  They cost around £130-£150 PER ALLOY to be repaired properly by a lathe machine.  More and more people are choosing to change the colour of the alloy. This has huge advantages. If you kerbed the alloy you can just get it repainted to repair it which is much cheaper than having it put on a lathe machine. And you get to choose the colour. It’s an amazing way to change the colour of your alloy and get away with outrageous alloy wheel repair costs. A set of 18” alloys for a colour change can cost around £75 per wheel.

Wheel arch dent scratch

Wheel arch dents with paint damage are so common.  Front arches scratch/bend but rear arches are more expensive as they are double skinned.  This makes them harder to reshape when they are kinked. Rear arches cannot be repaired generally by Paintless dent repair because of the double skin but mobile paint repair has no issue. Repairs on a front or rear arch paint repair can vary between £180-£260

Dent and car scratch repair

A dent with a scratch repair clearly cannot be done by Paintless dent repair so a mobile paint repair will do it. The cost will vary on where the damage is in relation to an adjacent panel.  Also how much blending is needed and the colour. A silver will be much harder to match than a black or other solid colour. A dent and scratch caused by a tow bar in the middle of a door on a silver car will cost £180-£200.

Super shine-fixashine

Does your car look faded, bland, milky or just generally flat?? We can solve that!!! We offer a machine polish process that means we basically fix your shine on the car! The car gets polished with a special machine polisher and compounds which bring out the best in your car.  The fixashine process is a cheap way of rejuvenating your colour on your car. It doesn’t take long- like all of our processes all we need is a dry environment and a power supply. Costs can vary from £150-£350 depending on the colour and size of vehicle

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